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Reclaiming Hope, Strength and Solutions

If you’re reading this, you’re probably experiencing some kind of pain. And there are so many sources of emotional pain: the struggles of being in a couple relationship, difficulties as a parent, grieving a major loss (death, divorce, job), major health problems, feeling overwhelmed by all the pressures in your life, to name just a few. Let me give you an idea of how I can be of help.

People often come to therapy blaming each other or themselves for their problems. I work to help you identify and stand up to the real problems in your lives. If you’re experiencing problems in your relationship, I’ll help you and your partner become allies instead of seeing each other as the enemy. This allows you to join together to understand and change the problems undermining your connection, such as toxic communication patterns and over-reactions when old pain is triggered.

If you’re dealing with individual problems, such as depression, anxiety or loss, I’ll help you inquire into and challenge negative self-blaming beliefs and stories that keep you on your case instead of on your side. What’s important in life is not what happens to us but the meaning we give to what happens – the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences. And we all have hidden stories of resilience that can be reclaimed. I find that once people are freed up from the constraints of their stressful stories about themselves and others, they’re much more able to access the strengths and resources needed to bring about change.

“We all have
hidden stories of resilience that can be reclaimed.”